You Can Turn That Off Now is an in-process collaboration between choreographer J. Bouey and Jayson P. Smith. From a series of ongoing conversations & written correspondence, they aim to interrogate the power dynamics of sex / pornography, revealing the anxieties & concerns embedded in each. 

You Can Turn That Off Now

In-Process | First shown at INNERDISCIPLINE | August 28, 2018


Remember This Time

NYC LGBT Center | New York, NY | July 12, 2017

Jayson P. Smith, Sergio Mauritz Ang, Morgan Sullivan
Director(s): George Del Barrio / Vanderbilt Republic, Jenn Haltman

Jayson P. Smith performs in conjunction with The Vanderbilt Republic's camera obscura, built specifically to highlight Keith Haring's ONCE UPON A TIME (completed months before Haring's death at 31). VR's site-responsive installation joins key historical moments with every object that bypasses 13th Street field of view—blending the seam between cultural legacy and contemporary moment.


i called his name and heard my own come back

Vanderbilt Republic | Brooklyn, NY | May 12, 2017

Projected at VR Headquarters for “RESIST” — a 70’ rear-projection canvas overlooking Gowanus, Brooklyn and season-spanning Photographic Monument by Ashton Worthington × George Del Barrio