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Jayson P. Smith is a freelance writer, editor, & curator. Their poems & interviews appear / are forthcoming in journals such as Gulf Coast, Nepantla, Vinyl, fields magazine, & The Offing. Jayson has received support from Millay Colony for the Arts, Callaloo, & is a 2016 Emerge-Surface-Be Fellow with The Poetry Project.  J lives & works in Brooklyn as a Workshop Coordinator for Cave Canem, Creative Director for The Other Black Girl Collective, & founder of NOMAD, a Crown-Heights based performance series. 

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NOMAD: In Conversation

Jeremy Michael Clark & Aricka Foreman discuss elegy, myth, violence, & what is (& is not) the Midwest.

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Jeremy Michael clark

I’m not trying to humanize & empathize with people who hurt me in order to justify what they’ve done. I’m just better off accepting messiness from the start, because humanity is a mess. If people were inherently evil, it wouldn’t be heartbreaking when they fuck up.


Aricka Foreman

It’s labor to desire safety—while being met with the reality that there is nowhere safe—and still believe you have the right to exist and be left alone in peace. Which of the two is mythic and constructed? Both? So how do I push against that?

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"Watching Paul Mooney Hum Amazing Grace Post 9-11 While Eating Hot Wings From Crown Fried" in Nepantla

"untitled [the wound is a matter]" and "untitled [the rules are the rules]" in fields

"the subject seems to fall apart in your hands" in The Offing

"re-enactments with the volume down" and "Contextual" in Twelfth House

"i am a hide" in The Rumpus

"a question of rain." in MUZZLE Magazine

"on the four train (an erasure of a passenger's lyrics)" in Kinfolks Journal




Four Poems in boundary2

"back home we call them slums" in Day One (Kindle)

"Reverend Marvin Pentz Gaye, Sr." in Again I Wait for This to Pull Apart

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